India, UK agree to strengthen defence and cyber security cooperation

Nov 09, 2016 | 4:55 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


India and the UK agreed to improve their defence cooperation through ‘Make in India‘, technology transfer and joint research on new capabilities. The two sides also discussed a cyber security platform for tackling online radicalization and terrorism.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked UK PM Theresa May for her country’s steady support for India’s membership of the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) and UN Security Council. May started out her three-day long visit to India yesterday for boosting Indo-UK ties in the key areas of investment, trade, investment, Security and defence.

Modi said that he and May discussed a protection and security partnership. “I encourage British companies to look at multiple opportunities in the Indian protection sector. Looking beyond control in defence equipment, We invite them to build a partnership with the Indian enterprises that give attention to manufacturing technology and co-development, ” he said.

The security of the cyberspace, especially involving critical infrastructure in a part of shared interest, was also discussed. “I meet our growing cooperation in this field, ” said Modi.

To take action against terrorists who perpetrated the 2008 Mumbai and 2016 Pathankot terror disorders. In the joint declaration issued following Modi’s closing up in May, the two leaders “reiterated their call for Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of the November 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai and 2016 Pathankot attack to justice”.

They also called for strengthening the present international counter-terrorism legal framework through the adoption of the Comprehensive Convention on World Terrorism.

Modi and May also discussed the work together to fight the growing threat of radicalization and terrorism. “We agreed that it is not a limited security challenge. It is a threat spread across countries. And the need for the international community to take strong action against states that support and sponsor terrorism,” he said.

Prime Minister Might “strongly condemned the Sept terrorist attack on the Indian Army Brigade head office in Uri” of Jammu and Kashmir, as a declaration.

May explained that India and the UK have decided to establish a tactical dialogue on home affair issues, covering visa come back and organised crime.

“Last year, we decided to set up defence and security collaboration, we stand firmly at the rear of that commitment. Great, we need to translate that political will into results, ” she said.

“The UK is ready to support the development of India’s defence functions through Make in India and technology transfer. And by jointly promoting our protection equipment’s consist of marketplaces, ” she added.