How You Can Have Multiple Windows Operating Systems on Your Computer

Jul 22, 2016 | 4:23 am

Published by | Chandan Singh

Most computer having only one operating system but in this tutorial you can understand that how you can have multiple operating systems and choosing between them at boot time — is known as “dual-booting.”

You can install Windows 8 with Windows 7, have both Linux and Windows on the same computer, or install Windows or Linux.

Step 1: Make a backup

Firstly make sure that you have backup of your all data. So just create backup and store at other hard drive or external hard disk.

Step 2: Create a partition for Windows 8 installation under Windows 7

As you can see in disk management, I have a 160 GB hard disk that is configured with a 64 GB in (C:) partition on which Windows 7 is installed and other two data partitions which are blank. Now what is need to do now for installing windows 8?


Step 3: Install Windows 8

  1. Make a bootable Pen drive or CD of windows 8.
  2. Just plug in pen drive or insert CD on your system and restart it, then a screen comes down of booting then press any key to continue.
  3. Windows starts to install automatically. When you’re choosing installation type, be sure to select Custom (advanced).
  4. And now be careful here. Choosing the wrong partition and you will loss or wipe your data. Installation altogether, so make sure you pick the new partition created for Windows 8 installation in the first step. Choose it to continue.

When you are done your computer automatically reboot. And in system booting time it asks you that choose an operating system.