How to reset windows forgotten password

Jul 21, 2016 | 7:12 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh

how to reset windows forgotten password

How to reset your windows forgotten password

There is an easy way to reset the windows password for using some easy steps. So basically you need the copy of bootable windows installation disk and simple one command prompt line.

Basic concept to reset windows password

There is a function of Sticky Key in windows which you can access everywhere for pressing five times to shift to continue. So we can change this function into the command prompt. And then both files are in system files which locate the following location.

C -> Windows -> System32

There are two files

setch.exe (for Sticky Key)

sticky key'

cmd.exe (for Command Prompt)

command prompt

So basically we are swapping them so when we press five-time shift key it opens command prompt not the sticky key.

Steps are following:

Step1: Just plug in your bootable pen drive with the Linux operating system and restart your operating system.

Step2: Boot off the disk and then select go to File Manager

Step3: locate the C drive on windows hard disk and go to following folders

Windows >> System 32

Note: In this folder, you can see there are a lot of files so just find sethc.exe and cmd.exe files and replace the file names into each other.

Step4: Rename sethc.exe into sethc0.exe, rename cmd.exe into sethc.exe, rename sethc0.exe into cmd.exe

Step5: Now just plug out the pen drive and just reboot the system.

Step6: Then login screen will appear, this is the time to reset your password so just press five-time shift and it will open the command prompt instead of the sticky key.

Step7: Now on command prompt write down the following command to know number of users and their names

net user


Step8: then it will show the name of users, after that pick the name which you want to reset the password and type the complete command.

net user Cyberops mynewpassword


in this command netuser  is the function command, Cyberops is a login name of windows andmynewpassword is your new password.

Now just enter your new password and login