How to recover deleted data

Jul 21, 2016 | 8:35 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh

In this tutorial, you can learn that how to recover deleted data in few steps. You can recover from hard drive, camera card, USB. File recovery after accidental format or hard disk crash.
So steps are to recover deleted data
You Can download RECUVA from


Step 2: Double Click on setup then select language and press on next tab.


According to your requirement select any additional options and click on Next Tab.


Step4: Then Waiting for installation and click on Finish Tab. Then it’s automatically run “RECUVA”.


Step5: Now you are showing the wizard to recover your deleted data and click on Next Tab.


Step6: Now Recuva ask to you that what sort of files are you trying to recover, then click on according to your requirement or which type of files you want to recover and press Next Tab.


If you are sure about that your file is on “My Documents”, “Recycle Bin” or any Specific Location then select this option, otherwise click on “I’m not sure” and click on next tab.


Then Click on Start Tab.


Then its recover your deleted file and its take some time so have some patience.


Step 10:
Then its shows all deleted file, then select which files you want to recover and click on Recover Tab.


Step 11:
Then Recuva ask to you that select location for recovery, then according to you select location and press on OK Button.


Step 12: Then according to your file size its recover files then click on ok button and you can see that file where you select location.


Step 13:
You can see file on that particular folder.


NOTE:  There are no guarantee to recover your data with 100%, because its depends on storage hard drive, for example If I delete a file from a computer today, I turn off the computer and turn on in three years, probably will be able to recover that information; however, if that computer has very active today and tomorrow and try to get the content passed tomorrow, there will be more problems.