How to Format SD Card when Android is Unable to Format

Nov 07, 2016 | 2:09 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


This is the very common problem for folks that they are unable to format their SD card in the android phone. A format of SD  card means every single data will erase from SD card. When you tab on erase SD Card data on your android phone settings then sometimes an error occurred that unable to format. because sometimes android operating system used some process or thread in SD Card, so it doesn’t give permission to format this SD Card. So I wanna go to a simple technique to format SD Card.


Step 1: Switch off your android phone and plug out memory card safely.

Step 2: Plug in into SD Card Reader and attach in a computer system.

Step3: When you show your SD Card on the computer screen then simply right click on this drive and click to format with the FAT32 file system.


Step 4: Simply click on format button and wait for the process. after a couple of seconds, your SD Card will format and then again plug in your Android phone.

So this is very simple technique if your android phone not able to format SD card. Share this post with your friends and comment if any query about this technique.