How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Nov 04, 2016 | 5:09 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


Facebook is popular social Media networks that help to create a connection between people and promote discussion or chat between them. Now it is not hard to make a new account, you just have to fill up some required details and choose your ID and password. And you can start enjoying the Facebook features and functions. Although in case you want to delete your Facebook accounts it is not that simple, you can only deactivate your that shall become active again as soon as you log into and this does not delete your Facebook account permanently.

The method is very easy, and you just need to implement some simple steps and with that, you can completely delete some of the Facebook data files. So the actual steps below to proceed.

Step1: Initially login your facebook account.

Step 2: Open this link for delete your facebook account permanently. This feature provides by Facebook.


Step3: Now just enter your current Facebook Password and click on OK button. And your account will successfully delete.

So finally you can delete your Facebook account permanently, now no one can recover your Facebook Account. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends and subscribe us for more update.

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