Experts: AdBlock may soon Become Completely Useless

Jan 05, 2018 | 5:01 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh

Experts: AdBlock may soon Become Completely Useless –

Researchers from the University of Iowa were able to establish that 30.5% of the 10,000 mostvisited websites are active, but hidden from the user’s eye, fighting with the AdBlock system.And, it should be said, very effective.

Many of them use special scripts to create “bait” content, which distracts the attention of the blocker, allowing the site to run advertising bypassing the “busy” blocker.

(Cyber Security CourseEthical Hacking Training,VAPT)

Earlier such technologies were used only on 5 percent of large resources. The data show that the technology has become very popular for the year. In the near future, we can expect thatthe effectiveness of AdBlock will be significantly reduced, at least until new solutions appear.

Of course, ad blockers also know how to play cat and mouse: they can modify their Java scripts to deceive anti-blocking systems or even detect “bait” and do not spend the resource on its blocking …

Nevertheless, the study openly draws our attention to the fact that in the midst of a kind of “arms race”, when advertising and ad blockers are constantly trying to “outplay” each other.Of course, some resources are forced to live by advertising, but this is not a reason to annoy visitors with obsessive banners.