ESET: In 2018, Hackers will Switch to Small Business

Jan 29, 2018 | 5:22 pm

Published by | Vikrant Singh

ESET: In 2018, Hackers will Switch to Small Business –

In 2018, hackers will be forced to move to attacks on small and medium-sized enterprises that are engaged in the supply of goods and services for corporations. This is written by Kommersant
with reference to the forecast of the developer of the anti-virus software ESET.

The study of the company says that the reason for the change in the benchmark for hackers will be the fact that corporations have intensively begun work to prevent the risk of cyber attacks
and invest in defense.

ESET experts are sure that under such conditions hackers will shift their focus to supply chains – too small and medium-sized enterprises that supply goods and services to large companies. The main antivirus expert of Kaspersky Lab, Alexander Gostev, agrees that recently cyber attacks are not directed directly at
large companies, but through neighboring infrastructure of contractors.

Last year, hackers have already implemented several attacks on this scenario (incidents with Shadowpad and CCleaner, as well as the epidemic of the encryptor ExPetr / NotPetya). Gostev
explained that for hackers to organize such attacks is relatively simple, but the company is difficult to detect.

ESET warns that in 2018, the number of cyber attacks can increase with the help of “Internet of things” devices. Such devices are susceptible to hacking and can become a tool in the
hands of intruders.

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