Discovered a new way of Cracking Amazon key

Mar 14, 2018 | 11:36 am

Published by | Chandan Singh


Discovered a new way of Cracking Amazon key –

The security researcher, under the pseudonym MG, informed Twitter in a social network about a new way of hacking the Amazon Key service.

Amazon Key is a “smart” door lock, which can be opened with a one-time PIN-code. The lock allows Amazon employees to deliver parcels directly to the house in the absence of the owners. At the same time, the system performs continuous monitoring with a camera for internal CCTV Cloud Cam with the support of Alexa.

MG showed another version of the attack on the Amazon Key. As shown in the video, the attack allows access to the home even after the employee’s one-time PIN was used.

Currently, it is unclear how the exploit works, but according to the researcher himself, he used the so-called “dropbox” – a computer with a Wi-Fi connection capable of controlling the lock.Dropbox can unlock the system or somehow leave the Amazon device unable to close the door again.

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