Clicking WhatsApp links making users vulnerable to cybercrime

Nov 26, 2016 | 6:14 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


Warning to all WhatsApp users across the globe, a report declared that clicking on the links circulated on instant messages software may expose and make them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. According to a report in the sun newspaper, cyber-terrorist are using simple methods to fool people into visiting booby-trapped websites and then fleecing them.

Lately, Whatsapp rolled out video-calling and scammers are taking the good thing about this new feature as a catch to tempt people to their trap. Video calling download links shared on WhatsApp messages take users to malicious websites.

“If you receive a message requesting you to “activate” the function by visiting a website, ensure you don’t click it. Everyone who is tricked into visiting the danger pages could conclude being targeted by digital criminals, ” the statement stated.

Earlier this month, announcing that India now has practically 160 million monthly active users, WhatsApp launched a video phoning feature here which was rolled out globally. The feature is available on all platforms — Google android, iOS and Windows. A person does not need to go to any links to download the feature. Your software store should receive an update from WhatsApp with the new feature.