The Teenager used Social Engineering to access Secret CIA Plans

Jan 23, 2018 | 4:41 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh

The Teenager used Social Engineering to access Secret CIA Plans –

The British schoolboy pretended to be the head of the CIA, got access to his computer and took possession of secret plans for reconnaissance operations in Afghanistan and Iran. This is reported by The Telegraph with reference to the materials of the court.

15-year-old Kane Gamble, who lives in Leicestershire with his mother, used social engineering to gain access to workers and personal accounts of directors of American intelligence agencies and other high-ranking officials. The teenager managed to convince employees of the call center of one of the Internet giants that he is John Brennan (who served as director of the CIA from March 8, 2013, to January 20, 2017) and Mark Giuliano (who served as director of the FBI from December 1, 2013, then to February 1, 2016). His goals were also the US Home Secretary, Director of National Intelligence under Barack Obama, and others.

Gamble mocked his victims on the Internet, published personal information, filled them with calls and text messages, uploaded pornography to their computers, and seized control of their iPad and television screens.

According to the prosecutor’s office, in 2015 the teenager founded the cybercrime group Crackas With Attitude. Grouping was mistakenly called hacker, although in fact for access to someone else’s e-mail, government portals, photos, etc., its members used only social engineering. Criminals deceived employees of call centers or information services, snatched from them the necessary information or forced to carry out certain actions.

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Gamble, who pleaded guilty to ten counts for alleged misuse of computers, first attacked Brennan and gained access to his Verizon account. At first, the teenager pretended to be a company employee, and then the head of the CIA himself. Using similar technology, the criminal also managed to get remote access to Brennan’s AOL account, iCloud repository, e-mail, and to his wife’s iPad.

The stolen data of Gamble, who is now at the age of 18, published on Twitter and passed WikiLeaks, sometimes providing them with a hashtag #freePalestine and statements that the US government “kills innocent people”.

According to the medical examination, Gamble suffers from autism and at the time of committing crimes was at the level of development of 12-13 years.

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