Siri Creator proposes to use AI to expand human memory

Apr 29, 2017 | 7:08 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh

The shout of the “fathers” of the virtual assistant on Apple Tom Gruber recently shared his thoughts about how you can use artificial intelligence to extend the capabilities of human memory.

This use of AI will make him an invaluable aid and give the person the opportunity to overcome some of the disadvantages caused by its physiology and will be a lifesaver for people who suffer from memory loss.

Tom believes that due to the wide spread of various Internet technologies as well as smartphones and tablet PCs, the web is now quite a lot of information pertaining to each individual. If you create a dedicated artificial intelligence system, it will be able to collect all data about a person and will be a kind of ‘backup memory. “

Mr. Gruber also notes that the system of artificial intelligence, acting as such assistants should be completely safe. If the AI allows you to remember what you yourself think and not be able to, such “loophole” can take advantage of and an outsider. On the one hand, it appears extremely contradictory, but on the other hand – in recent years carried out more research, which enables human interaction with the machine. Even Elon Musk recently said something similar. According to the same Toma Grubber,

“Superintelligence can give a person superpowers, as the machines we have created are getting smarter, too, we in turn become more intelligent. The introduction of artificial intelligence will create a union with a man machine, each of whose members will make every effort to achieve the goals and meet the needs of the person. And the question, “How clever we can make our car?” Has to sound a little differently: “How can intelligent machines do we have?”. Of course, I can not say how long, and what is required to create a symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence. But I believe that the time of occurrence of such symbiosis come inevitably. “

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