Google told how to hack any computer on Windows 10

May 03, 2018 | 11:50 am

Published by | Chandan Singh

Windows 10 image by Cyberops Infosec

Windows 10 image by Cyberops Infosec

Google experts revealed a new vulnerability in the operating system Microsoft Windows 10, as a result of which, if necessary, any hacker can crack it.

It’s about the application Artbitrary Code Guard, which is designed to protect the computer’s memory from various malicious programs. But Google said that it has low efficiency, reports NT Blog.

Therefore, it is impossible to speak about any guarantee of device protection. Using the vulnerability, almost any hacker can download a virus to the victim’s computer, while granting it administrator rights. It is noted that more often than not, hackers use this method to drop crypto currency on foreign equipment. 

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