Fake antivirus programs have no place in App Store. Apple updated guide to publishing applications

Sep 25, 2017 | 11:36 am

Published by | Vikrant Singh

Apple has made an interesting change in the text of the publication of the application guide ( the App Store Review, Guidelines ). Innovations not only solved a number of potential problems with using Face ID and ARKit, but also “signed the verdict” a fake malware scanners, and antivirus, which is more than enough in the official catalog.

Now the guide contains a clause whereby in the App Store applications are not allowed to advertise themselves as “containing the content or services that do not really provide.” This also applies to the many fake anti-virus software that did not work in any case, since the iOS sandbox prohibit applications to interact with each other and the operating system kernel.

It is worth noting that earlier Apple developers have tried to carry out in the App Store “clean”, so in March 2017 from an official catalog of non-removed several “antivirus”. But only changes added are now in App Store Review Guidelines, ensure that those useless apps do not come back in the App Store again.

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