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Month: September 2017

A New Large-Scale Spam Campaign for the Distribution of Locky

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment September 26, 2017

During the mass spam campaign, several million users were threatened with infection.Large-Scale Spam Campaign A week after the appearance of the spam campaign, during which criminals simultaneously distributed two extortion programs – Locky and FakeGlobe, security researchers from Trend Micro recorded a new massive spam mail containing Locky extortion software.The number of malicious emails has already […]

The Cause of the Increased Data Leaks from Amazon S3 Storage was Discovered

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment September 26, 2017

Companies often overestimate the security of their cloud storage.Data Leaks,Amazon S3 (Data Leaks,Amazon S3)In recent times, there have been more cases of leaks of confidential data from Amazon S3 servers.For example, recently in the open access was found information of the American mobile operator Verizon.In almost all cases, leaks were related to the human factor – […]

Fake antivirus programs have no place in App Store. Apple updated guide to publishing applications

By Vikrant Singh 0 Comment September 25, 2017

Apple has made an interesting change in the text of the publication of the application guide ( the App Store Review, Guidelines ). Innovations not only solved a number of potential problems with using Face ID and ARKit, but also “signed the verdict” a fake malware scanners, and antivirus, which is more than enough in […]

Microsoft Office documents are used by hackers for targeted phishing and intellience

By Vikrant Singh 0 Comment September 25, 2017

The specialists of “Kaspersky Lab” was told that in the course of the study target Freakyshelly attack, they managed to find the target sending letters with interesting embedded documents. These were the files in OLE2 format which did not contain macros, exploits, or any other active content. A closer look revealed that inside there are […]

The company introduced a new security Knightscope bots

By Vikrant Singh 0 Comment September 25, 2017

Developers from Silicon Valley has long been engaged in the creation of robot guards. Their first self-contained machine more like a big garbage can with wheels, but it is quite well to patrol their assigned territories. Now the company has introduced two new models of robot guards. One of which – a stationary boat K1. […]

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